Capsule Printing Machine

Legend Capsule Printing Machine is utilized for fast printing, high quality, and high adaptability, which is widely applied to axial printing on capsules and tablets that are of different specifications and types


Our Capsule printing machine is suitable for printing on the different sizes of capsules (including some soft capsules) and tablets (including tablets with unusual shape) and is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry. These high end Capsule Printing Machines are operated conveniently by applying the advanced variable frequency control systems which are perfectly coupled with other machines making it perfect for product printing on capsules.


Salient features :

    • High quality gravure prints at rates up to 60,000 (size 2″) capsules per hour, or 80,000 capsules per hour depending on the diameter of the tablets.
    • Designed for long runs at high speed.
    • Total ease of handling.
    • One operator can run several machines.
    • Production rates up to 120,000 per hour for similar sizes.
    • Completely automatic operation.
    • Feed disc and gravure rolls are available in any size in order to obtain most efficient production.
    • cGMP model.
    • Fully flexible printer.


Capsule Printing Machine


Capsule Printing Machine Table

Technical details, specification & designs are subject to change without any prior notice.