Automatic high speed16 heads rotary auger filling machine

Legend Automatic high speed16 heads rotary auger filling machine is specially designed auger filling machine with an impressive output of 60 to 100 bottles / minute depending upon Fill Size. It is servo-driven which facilitates easy setting of timing screws, turret stars, and auger filler electronically thereby eliminating the time and expense associated with mechanical adjustments.


The advanced PLC system stores turret/timing screw position when it is shut down and automatically re-homes after an emergency stop condition when the system is restarted .Our system’s unique and cost-effective design allows users to easily address various changes in settings of packaging height, diameter, or shape through the use of interchangeable plastic container adapters.


Funnels, adapters and other change parts are all no-tool quick disconnect, which dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of product changeover and cleaning operations. Continuous check- weigh- feedback mechanism allows automatic adjustments to improve fill accuracy rates.


Salient features :

  • In compliance with cGMP model.
  • 8 port Powder Wheel and 16 nos of funnels.
  • PLC and Touch Screen.
  • Vibratory funnels for smooth flow of powder in container.
  • All contact parts are S.S. 316.
Automatic high speed 16 heads rotay augere filling machine
  • All assemblies under top plate are positioned as for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • All driving is through high quality imported gear motor.
  • Machine speed can be adjusted through VFD.
  • Special clutch devices are provided on star wheels for safety purpose.
  • In – built vacuum pump: 500 LPM 20′HG.
  • Filters for air and vacuum.
  • “No Bottle – No Filling” system.
  • Cap, bowl and vibrator at low level for the easy loading of caps and monitoring cap level.
  • Dust collection unit.(optional).
  • Polycarbonate cabinet covering full machine. (optional).

Technical Specification :

  • No. Of filling Head : 16 heads.
  • Output : 60 to 100 bottles / minute depends upon Fill Size.
  • Fill Size : 5 grams to 50 grams with the help of Change Parts.
  • Fill Accuracy : ±1-3 % Depends upon fill size, Powder type, RH.
  • Bottle Size : Dia. 25MM to 60MM with the help of Change Parts.
  • Cap Size : Dia. 22-28 with the help of Change Parts.
  • Power suply : 5HP, 440 VAC, 3 Phase, 50 HZ, 5 Wire System.
  • Compressed Air: 3 BAR Max. 3 – 5 CFM.
  • Vacuum : 500 LPM.



Technical details, specification & designs are subject to change without any prior notice.