Mass Mixer

Mass mixer ideally used for mixing both wet & dry materials to provide uniform mixing.   Designed with utmost precision & perfection our offered mass mixers are used for mixing & blending purposes.. The mass mixer is suitable for mixing of wet mass, dry powder, dry powder with wet mass, etc, for the preparation of pharmaceutical mass for preparing tablets and similar other applications. The mass mixer gives through mixing due to its unique blade design and the angle of the blade. Powder & Mass Mixer machines are designed for efficient and homogeneous mixing of dry and wet powders.


Salient features :

  • Models are available with working volume 50,100 & 200 kgs. At bulk density of 0.50gms/cc.
  • All contact parts are made out of SS316.
  • Compact design & Easy to clean and operate
  • Single stirrer for dry & wet mixing
  • Contact parts are mirror finished & non contact part are matt finished.
  • Safety guards are provided for all moving parts.
  • Thrust bearings are provided to carry out rigid thrust load.
  • Interlocking system with top dust cover, to avoid accident, during process.
  • Tilting system provided for easy unloading of material & cleaning
  • Provision for easy lubrication
  • In compliance with cGMP

Technical details, specification & designs are subject to change without any prior notice.

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