Automatic ointmnet\cream manufacturing plant

Legend Automatic Ointment Manufacturing Plants are used for mixing, emulsifying and producing very fine emulsions/ suspensions with excellent homogeneity and thereby ensuring stability of the mixed product. The Ointment Manufacturing vessel is provided with anchor type of stirrer along with Teflon scrapper at the ends, the agitator is driven by dual speed motor.


The combined action of horizontal blade and specially designed anchor ensures most efficient mixing with shearing action of homogenizer, important when working with viscous products. A built-in high speed emulsifier ensures proper emulsification of the ointment, while an advanced PLC control panel controls the time of emulsification with the aid of timers. Special scrappers are provided for transfer of the complete product and to avoid wastage.


The entire Plant can be operated by centralised operating panel by one operator.


Our Ointment manufacturing Plants are available in manufacturing capacities from 5 kg to 2000 kg.


Salient features :

  • Manufacturing capacities are available 5 kg to 2000 kg.
  • Manual Control – Have temperature indicator / Timer / Single Phase protection/Push Button to operate the complete plant.
Automatic oinemnet cream manufacturing plant
  • Auto Control – PLC based with touch screen and pass word level to feed the parameters of process for Heating / Cooling / Stirrer timing / Homogeniser Timing / Stirrer speed / Homogeniser speed / Vacuum / Pressure / CIP etc. The choice of this package is to suit requirement to each product.
  • Pre stored process parameter will help to achieve consistent product quality. MMI (Touch Screen) for visualization of machines of specific process condition and data.
  • Alarm Signal.
  • Fault Message.
  • SCADA package (optional) Flexible Configuration.
  • Easy Operation.
  • Can Be Fully Automated.
  • Integration into existing process control system.
  • Fast product change over.
  • Rapid & effective cleaning CIP/SIP.
  • Homogenous product consistency without trapped air bubbles.
  • Mixing, dispersing and homogenizing in one operation.
  • The main functions are mixing and emulsifying. Producing very fine emulsions, suspensions, etc featuring excellent homogeneity and thus finally stability of the mixed product.
  • Jacket have heating & cooling with temperature control with Safety equipment.
  • Electro polished Pipeline and joints are TC standard for easy opening & re-fixing.
  • Vacuum system provided to transfer product from one vessel to another vessel and zero retention in pre phase vessel & inter connecting pipeline.
  • No Air contamination. / Human contamination.
  • Cleaning in place cycles with validation protocols. (Optional)