Automatic rinsing-filling- capping machine

Legend Automatic rinsing-filling- capping machine is a completely automatic multi-functional combined machine for washing, filling and capping into a single unit. This machine is equipped with advanced MMI control technology with all necessary automations. Our machine works on gravity filling principle with rotary motion and utilizes hanging neck holding mechanism which makes bottle changeover very convenient.


The machine is equipped with high automation including programmable PLC, frequency convertor & photoelectric elements. Due to this, the filling unit can be easily changed to Low vacuum filling method or Isotonic filling method.  Legend Automatic rinsing-filling- capping machine  is a  Versatile machine to pack mineral water as well as other beverages like fruit juice, squash etc. which are filled at higher temperature by changing some parts.


The automatics rinsing-filling-capping machine consists of the in-feed air conveyor that feed the bottles in to the in-feed rotor. The rotors transfer the bottles to the rinsing rotor. Mechanical rinse valve provides the feature “NO BOTTLE NO RINSING”. The bottles are held by neck and there is no distortion of the bottle profile. The bottles remain safe and there is no water damage.


The Automatic rotary Capping machine adopts a unique “PICK & PLACE” mechanism for capping in conjunction with an efficient bottle anti-turn device. The bottle is held at the neck firmly during capping to produce absolutely leak proof results. Shortly before cap pick up, the caps are exposed to UV light for sterilization. Caps are fed into the machine by an automatic cap elevator having an S. S. 304 ground level hopper, which can hold up to three thousand caps. This hopper also has an automatic agitator, which gets activated as soon as the caps stop moving inside the cap hopper. Thus, the elevator is never starved of caps. The elevator positions and feeds caps at the desired rate to the capper block.


Salient features :

    • Rotary neck holding.
    • Air Blow Conveyor on the in feed.
    • Slate Belt Conveyor on the out feed with the VFD and Inspection Table with lighting system & white-black background.
    • No Bottle – No Rinse – No Fill – No Cap.
    • Unique Pick & Place type Capping.
    • Drive is on chain of gears (Not Indexing Cam) hence low on maintenance.
    • VFD control.
    • Cap Elevator for feeding cap to the chute with automatic operation.
    • Speed indicator on main panel.
    • Can handle all bottle size ranging from 200 up to 2000 ml.
    • Capping done by “Torque Adjustable” magnetic capping heads using two stage Pick & Place system.
    • SS enclosure provided for complete hygienic bottling.
    • Easy open able nozzles for easy cleaning.
    • Can handle bottles blown from low grammage Performs without distortion.
    • Can be linked directly to Automatic Blow Moulding Machine for online Blow- Rinse-Fill-Seal Compatible with Online Shrink Tunnel, Labelling Machine or Ink Jet Printer.
    • Simple operation.
    • All contacts parts made of 304/316.
    • PLC control panel (optional).


Automatic rinsing filing capping machine


Automatic rinsing-filling capping machine table

Technical details, specification & designs are subject to change without any prior notice.